GENESIS Biomed opens a new office in Valencia

Genesis Biomed Biohub Valencia

• This new location of GENESIS Biomed in the BioHub joins the existing locations in Barcelona and Madrid.

• The Valencian Community concentrates a significant number of research centers, hospitals, universities and innovative companies in the health sector.

• The health sector has become one of the main drivers of the Valencian Community’s economy.

• GENESIS Biomed also joins Bioval, an Association of Companies and Entities of the BIO sector in the Valencian Community.


GENESIS Biomed opens a new office in Valencia and settles in the BioHub, a space for companies in the Biomedicine sector located in the Marina of Valencia.

GENESIS Biomed is aware of the potential of the ecosystem of the Valencian Community in the Biomedicine sector and for this reason takes an important leap and adds to its locations in Barcelona and Madrid a third location in Valencia.

The health sector has become one of the main drivers of the Valencian Community’s economy, which concentrates a wide range of institutions related to research, entrepreneurship and the promotion of health. Valencia is the home to a large number of Health Research Institutes and Research Foundations, including IIS La Fe, INCLIVA, ISABIAL and FISABIO, making it, after Catalonia and Madrid, the region with the next highest number of IIS in terms of population density.

It also has relevant research centers in Biomedicine such as the Príncipe Felipe research center, the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (I2SYSBIO), the Institute of Biomedicine of Valencia (IBV-CSIC), the Institute for Research, Development and Innovation in Health Biotechnology (IDIBE) and the Institute of Genomic Medicine S.L.

But, in order to approach Biomedicine in a holistic way, the Valencian Community also integrates leading interdisciplinary research centers in new technologies that also have applications in the area of health, such as the Institute for Molecular Imaging Research (I3M), the Institute of Biomechanics and the Institute of Computer Technology (ITI), among others. And of course, we cannot forget the universities, both public (Universitat Politècnica de València, Universitat de València, Universidad Miguel Hernández, among others) and private (Universidad Católica de Valencia, CEU-Universidad Cardenal Herrera, etc) where there are numerous research groups and future researchers and entrepreneurs are trained.

The research groups from the previously mentioned institutions also serve as a talent pool for a growing number of innovative companies. Companies such as Corify Care, Arthex, Sonda and Doppli are good examples of this. And because of the good health of the Valencian ecosystem, the necessary ingredients are provided for institutions such as Inndromeda to appear in the ecosystem. Inndromeda is the Alliance in Innovative Technologies for the productive system of the Valencian Community and its public sector.

For this reason, GENESIS Biomed, a consultancy firm that operates in the biomedical sector and in which one of its main functions is to help start-ups, spin-offs, entrepreneurs and research centers, is betting on the Valencian Community and opens a new location in the BioHub. Our position in the ecosystem of this Community is backed by our experience in the field of tech transfer and biomedical early-stage projects in Valencia, having worked for universities (UPV, UV, UMH), hospitals and healthcare environment (IIS La Fe, INCLIVA, ISABIAL, FISABIO), startups (Corify, Arthex, Sonda, Doppli) and institutions (Inndromeda, CIBER-BBN), among others.

Also, to be part of this ecosystem, GENESIS Biomed becomes a member of Bioval. Bioval is the Association of Companies and Entities of the BIO sector that encompasses Biotechnology, Biomedicine and Bioeconomy, and which constitutes the cluster of the Valencian Community. Our participation in this cluster will allow us to join forces to share and expand knowledge to generate added value that has a direct impact on the well-being of citizens.

We are very excited about this new opportunity and hope to be able to contribute with our experience to the development of the Biomedicine sector in this Bioregion.