GENESIS Biomed is reinforced by hiring a top-level advisory panel

GENESIS Biomed is reinforced by hiring a top-level advisory panel

GENESIS Biomed, a consulting company specialized in R + D projects in biomedicine, has recently established its Business Advisory Board, a multidisciplinary panel of experts, KOL in their respective subjects, which complements the already existing Scientific Advisory Board established in 2019.

The experts who are part of the panel are:


  • Óscar Alegre, partner at RCD law firm, advising on legal matters
  • Jorge Barrero, General Director at Cotec Foundation, expert in Innovation
  • Salomé de Cambra, partner of WA4STEAM, advising on investment and health economics
  • Xavier Canals, Director of Tecno-med Ingenieros, advising on regulatory affairs in medical devices and in vitro diagnostics
  • Judit Cubedo, CEO of GlyCardial Diagnostics, expert in entrepreneurship
  • Eduardo Cunchillos, CEO of Innoqua, expert in preclinical regulatory development
  • Manuel Desco, professor at UC3M and Head of the department of medicine and experimental surgery at Hospital Gregorio Marañón, expert in Tech transfer
  • Maite Fibla, co-founder and managing partner of Ship2b Ventures, investment expert
  • Xavier Luria, CEO of Drug Development and Regulation, expert in Regulatory Affairs
  • Julio Mayol, Medical Director San Carlos Clinical Hospital and professor of surgery at UCM, expert in Innovation and Digital Health
  • Marcel Prunera, partner of CREA Inversión, expert in M&A and Finance
  • Sergi Trilla, CEO of Trifermed, expert in Business Development
  • Bernabé Zea, managing partner of ZBM Patents, expert in Intellectual Property


In the words of Josep Lluís Falcó, CEO of GENESIS Biomed, “we are very happy and satisfied to have this absolutely first-level panel in our company. Without any doubt, they are professionals who are already giving us support in our day-to-day projects at GENESIS, and formalizing this contractual relationship with all of them means the creation of our Business Advisory Board, which we make available to all our clients. The Experts will also be ‘Ambassadors’ for GENESIS Biomed in the sector, and they will give training sessions for our staff”.

For more information on the areas of interest and CVs of the consultants: Genesis Biomed | Business Advisory Board (