EIT Health Investors Network: a key opportunity for start-ups in search of funding

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AseBio Investor Day’s round table on fundraising in Europe gathered EIT Health Investor Network’s main stakeholders

In a globalised world, start-ups should internationalise their search for funds, going further from their local market. EIT Health Investors Network offers an interesting opportunity to cover the needs of biotech and healthcare early stage start-ups. Since its creation, this consortium has supported over 700 start-ups (more than 170 from Spain) with 205M €.

Asebio Investor Day round table on Fundraising in Europe, a challenge made easy with the EIT Health Investor Network held yesterday gathered key stakeholders of the consortium to discuss the opportunities that it brings to start-ups: Cristina Bescós, Director of EIT Health Spain; Caroline Sai, Lead Partner of EIT Health Investor Network and COO of Angels Santé; Sebastian Anastassiou, Associate at Nina Capital; Nele Kindt, member of the board of Belgium biotech Cobiores. The table was moderated -and sponsored- by Josep Lluís Falcó, founder and CEO of GENESIS Biomed. The consultancy firm is a partner of EIT Health Investors Network and is actively working with European venture capital firms.

“There are plenty of national grants that allow researchers to found their companies but there is an issue between Seed stage and Serial A because most investors want to come in at a later stage, when is less risky. Only 30% of start-ups make it to the Serial A stage,” said Caroline Sai. Nele Kindt, an entrepreneur herself, confirmed Caroline’s point: “Investors tells us to come back when we have a clinical proof of concept, but without their investment we can not possibly reach this milestone.”

It is at this critical point when EIT Health Investors Network brings value putting in touch a European network of start-ups and investors. The consortium also offers mentoring and support to entrepreneurs with the goal to help them to get ready to obtain funds. “Our network offers different investors profiles and look for personalised solutions to the start-ups needs,” says Cristina.

Nina Capital, with its European headquarters in Barcelona, is one of the members of  Investors Network, supports DeepTech companies at early stages. Sebastian Anastassiou, an associate at the firm, explains that the network allows them “to have access to strong companies from all over Europe instead of spending time sifting through companies in the local markets. Europe is a very fragmented and national-based market and having access to this European network is fantastic.”

Another added value of Investors Network is, according to Caroline Sai, the mentoring and fundraising support that it offers to companies through its local partners, like GENESIS Biomed in Spain or Angels Santé in France. These companies count with a wide expertise in the sector that they can bring great value to start-ups that want to consolidate their business.

“We are very happy to bring our expertise to EIT Health Investors Network and to be able to work with the strongest stakeholders of the sector in Europe”, says Josep Lluís Falcó.

In this link you can see the full session of the round table from Asebio Investor Day.

Ana Polanco, President of AseBio

Ana Polanco, President of AseBio, at the opening of AseBio Investor Day.

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One moment of the online round table, with Josep Lluís Falcó as a moderator in the centre.