Our Methodology

The key points we always work in the preparation of a Business Plan & Fundraising process at GENESIS Biomed

01 Market Analysis

  • Current unmet medical need
  • Epidemiology
  • Determination of market size
  • Description of market trends
  • Analysis of main players in the market (commercial products)
  • Description of the future competitors (development projects)

02 Competitive positioning

  • Analysis of main features of current and future competitors
  • Price analysis
  • Business model analysis
  • Market share analysis
  • Voice of Customer and Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Competitors matrix

03 Proof of Concept results

  • Complete list and description of studies done till date
  • Main results obtained and conclusion analysis
  • Studies to be conducted in the future
  • Current agreement with the Main Institution
  • Outsourced studies and external collaboration R+D Gantt chart

04 Intellectual Property

  • List of filed patents till date
  • Analysis of the current situation of each filed patent
  • List of potential future patents in the project
  • Freedom to operate analysis
  • License Agreement from the Institutions
  • IP strategy of the company

05 Regulatory Strategy

  • Regulatory framework for the current project
  • Analysis of the corresponding guidelines and directives
  • Current regulatory considerations
  • Future trends and regulatory charges
  • Regulatory strategy and validation
  • Regulatory roadmap

06 Development plan

  • Lis of all needed studies for the development of the product
  • Gantt chart for the whole development process
  • Identification of main milestones
  • Measurement of timelines
  • Identification of potential outsourced partners
  • Prediction of associated costs

07 Internal team of the company

  • Existing team and initial roles
  • Presence of a full-time CEO
  • Complete job description for all needed roles in the future
  • Organigram analysisi and Headcount evolution in the company
  • Analysis of salaries and ESOP for internal staff
  • Partners Agreement, Governance and Reserved matters

08 External team

  • Profiles needed for the Scientific Advisory Board
  • Design of the Board of Directors
  • Identification of the Chairman
  • Identification of suitable outsourced roles and service providers
  • Analysis of costs and quotations
  • Design of ESOP for key external people

09 Financial Plan

  • Definition of the Business Model of the company
  • Quantification of the global cash need
  • Main financial milestones and Identification of Tranches
  • Fundraising strategy for Investors and Exit scenario analysis
  • Risk analysis & Mitigation plan
  • Valuation of the company and Cap Table analysis
  • Preparation of the Financial Plan: CF, P&L and BS

10 Strategy and Fundraising negotiation

  • Selection of the most suitable investors
  • Preparation of the slide deck of the company
  • Roadshow and first meetings round
  • Building the syndicate up
  • Analysis and negotiation of the Term sheet
  • Preparation of Data room for Due diligence
  • Negotiation of the Investment Agreement and Partners Agreement
  • Closing of the Round


Market Analysis


Competitive Positioning


Proof of Concept Results


Intellectual Property


Regulatory Strategy


Development plan


Internal team and staff


External team


Financial Plan


Fundraising strategy, Negotiation with Investors and Closing of the round