GENESIS Biomed sponsors ITEMAS 2022 Annual Conference Day

GENESIS Biomed sponsors ITEMAS 2022 Annual Conference Day

The “Instituto de Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba” hosted the event, supported by “Instituto de Salud Carlos III (ISCIII)”, with the sponsorship of “Universidad Carlos III de Madrid”, Cidi Salud and GENESIS Biomed”.

The Platform for the dynamization and innovation of the industrial capabilities of the National Health System (ITEMAS) held its annual conference to take balance of its activity over the past year, establish new challenges and think about the healthcare innovation sector in Spain. Over two days, around 180 people, including representatives of the 18 ITEMAS nodes and member centers, organizations, sponsors and speakers, discussed about innovation in healthcare, investment, regulation of medical devices, new professions and business experiences. The evaluation of the event was very positive. The importance of sharing ideas and experiences among all the participants and the role of ITEMAS in promoting the growth of innovation and industrialization in Spain was highlighted. It was also claimed for more gender equity in the composition of the tables and speakers in future conferences and events organized by ITEMAS.

During the first sessions, the experiences of investors in the health sector were presented through round tables, presentations, and one-to-one meetings. From GENESIS Biomed, our CEO Josep Lluís Falcó participated in the round table of investors, to present new investment funds and talk about the investment situation in the health sector. Josep Lluís, introduced the new investment fund GENESIS Tech Transfer Boost (GTTB), an investment vehicle managed by GENESIS Biomed, which continues the work that began with the first vehicle GENESIS Ventures, now in divestment phase. GTTB is an investment vehicle with a size of 1 million euros that invests tickets between 25,000 and 100,000 euros in very early-stage technologies.

Finally, this year the new healthcare professions were also discussed, as well as business experiences, the internationalization of innovation, etc. In this way, the experts agreed on the importance of public-private collaboration and the productive network in order to transfer the innovations of research centers to the national health system.