GENESIS Biomed Sponsor of BIOSPAIN 2023

GENESIS Biomed Sponsor of BIOSPAIN 2023

BIOSPAIN is the largest biotechnology event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and will be held from 26 to 28 September in Barcelona with Asebio as organiser and with the collaboration of Biocat, Generalitat de Catalunya and Ajuntament de Barcelona.


GENESIS Biomed is sponsoring the BIOSPAIN 2023 edition, which will be held in September this year in Barcelona, the city with the leading biotechnology cluster in Spain. This year will mark the 20th anniversary of BIOSPAIN, one of the largest international biotechnology events in Southern Europe.

BIOSPAIN is the largest biotechnology event organized by a national bioindustry association in Europe and brings together more than 850 innovative entities working in health, sustainable agri-food and climate change solutions. Its main objective is to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the biotechnology sector. The event is attended by more than 1,500 professionals from 30 countries, with more than 200 exhibitors and more than 50 investors. BIOSPAIN 2023 will be a unique networking opportunity with the Spanish biotech industry and many other companies and institutions from Europe and around the world.

The good times enjoyed by Spanish biotechnology is evidenced by the fact that this sector accounts for 3.2% of world production. Spain moved up one position in the ranking for biotechnology papers, to 8th in the world. In addition, Spanish biotechnology produces excellent science, with 26% of articles among the top 10% most cited in the world. At the business level, biotechnology in Spain is endorsed by the nearly 4,000 companies that carried out biotechnology activities in 2021, of which 862 are biotech firms. The 47% percent of these companies work exclusively in human health, followed by 42% of those focused on food applications. By geographical distribution, Catalonia, Madrid, Andalusia and the Basque Country account for most part of the companies. Catalonia leads in number of biotech companies in Spain, with more than 24% of the total and more than 45% of total turnover. The combined activity of biotech companies generated more than 10,300 million euros in revenue, which represents 0.9% of Spanish GDP.

At GENESIS Biomed we are committed to promoting innovation in this sector and that is why we have considered that sponsoring BIOSPAIN 2023 is a way of demonstrating our involvement and support in the main event that stimulates the sector.