GENESIS Biomed receives the award for the best biomedical consultancy in the XI Edition of the National Awards El Suplemento

Last May 19th GENESIS Biomed received the award to the best biomedical consultancy of the XI Edition of the National Awards El Suplemento in an event that took place in the evening at the Palace Hotel in Madrid, and which also coincided with the month of the fifth anniversary of the constitution of GENESIS Biomed, thus representing an unexpected gift.

We would like to thank “Premios El Suplemento” for having considered GENESIS Biomed worthy of this award, but we would also like to thank two fundamental pillars that have allowed us to reach this point:

  • First of all to our customers, because thanks to the trust they have placed in us we have been able to grow and mature as a company. As a consultancy that we are, we owe ourselves to our clients and obtaining this award is a tribute with which they have rewarded us. We hope in the future to be worthy of other awards that will show that we continue to carry out our work with care and quality.
  • In second place to the entire GENESIS Biomed team. Thanks to the talent provided by our team, their perseverance, their professionalism, good spirits and their camaraderie, we have been able to offer a service of quality that has been rewarded. Being able to have enjoyed this experience together in an environment as privileged as that of the Hotel “El Palace”, has been a real pleasure. Having time to enjoy all together in a more relaxed atmosphere has allowed us to get to know each other better and create a more cohesive group that will allow us to face the challenges of the future.

Therefore, this recognition of GENESIS Biomed corresponds to both, and we hope that this success, the result of five years of work, will be the first of those yet to come.